introducing: seven pieces for flamenco guitar and orchestra

Well, this is exciting. I hold in my hands a complete archival print copy of “Seven Pieces for Solo Flamenco Guitar and Orchestra”.

Nobody’s going to play directly out of this book – it’s just for my own personal archives – but it feels so good to have months and months of work compiled in physical format. It’s one of the reasons I still insist on printing my albums as physical CDs (besides the fact that, regardless of what they say, people do still buy them).



I get to the end of this project and I think to myself, I now have a concert-sized repertoire of music I can play with an orchestra. You could say that was the “point” of the project, and that’s really cool. I’m incredibly happy with how it’s turned out. But I think the best part is that I finished the scores and immediately found myself with more “flamenco for orchestra” ideas. I wrote seven scores, tried to cap it at that, but there’s a little voice in my head saying “don’t stop, why are you stopping!?” It suddenly occurred to me that, wait a minute, the project’s over – but I’m going to keep doing this, because I love it.

Once again, thank you, to the Canada Council for the Arts for funding the project. I’m very proud of what I have to show for it, and I hope someday soon you all can hear what I came up with.

While we’re at it, in “celebration” (or whatever), I went ahead and recorded another new little YouTube video. It’s a Moraíto Chico favourite of mine that I’ve worked into my setlist recently. I’ve also been playing around with Final Cut in the past couple weeks, trying to get the hang of it, so there’s a little more going on visually than there has been in the past with my videos. Please enjoy!