montréal, kraków, and toronto adventures

The past month has been a musical adventure. My coat pockets are crammed with airplane boarding passes. My head is full of good memories and new ideas.fullsizerender

First, there was the Festival Flamenco de Montréal. I’ve spent only ten days of my life, total, in Montréal. Yet when I visit, I feel like I already live there. The festival is like a family reunion, where you meet family you didn’t know you had. We flamencos are very lucky that the event exists. I was planning on going just to see the shows and visit with friends, but somehow I ended up with my own show – and on stage during two others. Here’s your proof:

credit - Niane Naïane 2016

credit - Hervé Leblay 2016

credit - Hervé Leblay 2016

Photo credit goes to Niane Naïane for the first one, and Hervé Leblay for the last two.

I also got to hang out with my friend Dennis Duffin, who I hadn’t seen in a year. We couldn’t pass up the chance to record a little video:

After Montréal, off to Poland. “Poland, you say?”

Yeah, Poland! I played a private function in Krakow with Jesse Cook. When I was a kid, Jesse’s music was one of the reasons I wanted to learn to play guitar, and so playing a show with him was one of those really cool “full-circle” moments. It’s pretty neat to have your childhood guitar hero phone you up for a gig.

[left to right: Drew, me, Jesse, Yoser, Juan, and our guide Krzysztof]

A few days ago I did a CD launch show for Nocturne at Lula Lounge in Toronto. It was a lot of fun. I’ve been hearing about that venue for years and I’m very happy I finally got to play it.

In October, I get to play recording engineer for someone else’s recording project! Perhaps more on that later …