website, videos, and current playlist

I’ve wanted to get around to building a website for a couple years now. I’m sad to realize that my once-legendary coding skills have gone out the window since high school. I used to code as a hobby! Ah, well. After some research and a lot of tinkering, I have the site looking the way I want it.

Next on the to-do list is recording new videos. I posted one for In the Rain a few weeks ago, but I want to do a couple for my more “flamenco” works. Maybe a bulería and the minera from Nocturne? The tricky part is recording the palmas first, on my own, and then overdubbing the guitar. It takes some trial and error to get the palmas right when the guitar hasn’t been recorded yet.

Right now, my favourite guitarists to listen to are Manuel Parrilla and Jose Quevedo “El Bolita”. I came across this video of Manuel Parrilla earlier today:

Just a guitar and two palmeros, but what a groove! That’s flamenco for you. I’ve also been listening to more cante lately. Argentina is my favourite right now:

I’ll be announcing some more shows before too long. I’m just waiting to hear back about a few details. Until then!